Welcome to the Official Website of Griffin One.

Griffin One is a visual artist based out of Oakland, California, whose work spans a variety of mediums, styles & surfaces. Please take a moment to explore the Artwork galleries on the left hand side!

If you are interested in commissioning a mural, canvas, custom illustration & or Custom Illustarted logo services, please send an Inquiry through the Contact link. ~ Serious Inquiries Only Please ~

Stay tuned for some big projects are in the works kicking off in 2014!

Current Projects!

  • "Something from Nothing" Aerosol mural, West Oakland.
This mural was inspired by the "ReCycle Concept". Many Homeless & less fortunate use shopping carts all day long, passing by this popular cross road location from the neighbor hoods surrounding it, on the way to the recycling center. Being their means of survival, transporting our consumer trash aka recyclables and scrap metals for the next meal or fix. I felt this location needed an uplifting fun yet conceptual mural on the subject. - - West Oakland Mural /Dirty 30's Industrial Neighborhoods.
Photo by: Wendy Holm.

  • "The Keepers of Time"
GFA ( Graffiti Fine Art ) International EXPO Los Angeles 2013
A 2 person Collab Between Ernest Doty ( The right side with the 3 eyed Bird & Skull) & Griffin One ( the left side Time Imagery- Candle, Branches & the background). - • For Sale - 2- 6ft by 6ft Canvases-
These pieces are of my section ( Perceived tools of time- left side ) & are painted off onto the wall! - Picture provided by: Ed Trillo

  • Oakland Treehouse / Griffin One Treehouse Series -
Hidden Star Orchards, Oakland California. - Hidden Star Orchards is an organic, family farm located in the Sierra Nevada foothills just below the town of Jackson.  Though originally a dairy farm the land was converted to an apple orchard in 1985.  Everything is grown specifically for farmer's markets in the Bay Area. - Picture provided by Manic Streets

  • "Sub Illumination"
2- section Piece 20"x48"
(Acrylic & Aerosol)
Revisiting & Shedding Light on the Subway Art Culture. - • For Sale

  • T-Shirt Design for Paul Soliai Foundation - Back 2 School, 2012!
Providing each of the 30 Kids one of these shirts & some shopping money to buy what they wanted, for A Back to School shopping Spree at Sears. 

Miami Dolphins NFL player Paul Soliai. -

  • "Purple Haze" Jimi Hendrix Mural 2013- Medium-Aerosol-
Located on Jimi Hendrix old House located on Haight st. & Ashbury st. Sf Ca. This was a Blessed opportunity & honor.
(Photo by: StreetView - On Instagram/@streetview) - - This Mural was a 3 person Collaboration- Griffin One, Ernest Doty & Max Eherman.
(Griffin One Designed the Mural layout & painted Jimi Hendrix & the Guitar, Ernest Doty painted the Yellow decorative elements & Max Eherman painted the smoke.) A Second mural will be replacing the old Jimi Hendrix on the building opposite side, in the next couple months to come. Thx to Racheal & Kenni.

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