Welcome to the Official Website of Griffin One.

Griffin One is a visual artist based out of Oakland, California, whose work spans a variety of mediums, styles & surfaces. Please take a moment to explore the Artwork galleries on the left hand side!

If you are interested in commissioning a mural, canvas , logo design & or hand lettering, please send an Inquiry through the Contact link. All My Projects are Cusom so please incude details, links etc. in order for me to more accuratley quote you! Thx ~ Serious Inquiries Only Please ~

For more uptodate posts of projects in works along side some randomness, feel free to check out my Instagram feed @GriffinOne! Thx

Current Projects!

  • "The Keepers of Time"
GFA ( Graffiti Fine Art ) International EXPO Los Angeles 2013
A 2 person Collab Between Ernest Doty ( The right side with the 3 eyed Bird & Skull) & Griffin One ( the left side Time Imagery- Candle, Branches & the background). - • For Sale - 2- 6ft by 6ft Canvases-
These pieces are of my section ( Perceived tools of time- left side ) & are painted off onto the wall! - Picture provided by: Ed Trillo

  • "Cicada" Cellar Dwellers Wine Co.
Latest 2011 Release label art, layout & logo by: Sean Griffin
(Cicada T-Shirts Soon to Be Released!) - This is an Arizona Wine Company is owned and operated out of Page Springs, Arizona.  They release about 4 wines annually & work with and along other local vineyards & local artists.
Check out

  • Logo Design for Big Rhino Children's Community , a orphanage that helps many children from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Help youth find there voice & gives them a chance through art, sports,  education & role models. - Im very honored to help work this organization, I truly was inspired upon my visit to the city of Nairobi earlier this year, to hear & see all the great things that this small but determined organization is doing! BRCC

  • Custom Hand Lettering/ Osal8 (Dubstep Producer S.D) & Stolen Garments ( L.A. Based clothing Line.)
Logo & Custom Lettering -

  • "Keep It Fresh" Mammoth Mural by Griffin One
West Oakland 2014 - This Wall Needed a Fresh Coat of Paint! -

  • "Labyrinth in Dub" EP- 
Kraddy VS Heavyweight Dub Champion.
~Kraddy"s "Into the Labyrinth" Remixed in true DUB fashion by Heavyweight Dub Champion, bringing us this Heavy Release! Now available on itunes! - ~ "Labyrinth in Dub" EP, Cover Album Art by: Griffin One.
Now available on itunes!

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