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Griffin One is a visual artist based out of Oakland, California, whose work spans a variety of mediums, styles & surfaces. Please take a moment to explore the Artwork galleries on the left hand side!

If you are interested in commissioning a mural, canvas , logo design & or hand lettering, please send an Inquiry through the Contact link. All My Projects are Cusom so please incude details, links etc. in order for me to more accuratley quote you! Thx ~ Serious Inquiries Only Please ~

For more uptodate posts of projects in works along side some randomness, feel free to check out my Instagram feed @GriffinOne! Thx

Current Projects!

  • "The Flagstaff Portal" / Birch Ave. Tattoo - Located 111 W Birch Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 - 2013 painted by Griffin One. - Wall est. 80 ft x 20 ft. Honored to have had the opportunity to create & paint this commission mural for such a Highly Respected Shop & for the City of Flagstaff! Thx to Soup - Lead Tattoo Artist & Shop Owner & the city of Flagstaff for helping make this happen! 
Check Out~

  • "Comfort Zone"  2013 Griffin One
 - The second when you realize your comfort bubble/world is changing, like it or not!

  • "Oakland Style" by Griffin One - located in the center of the industrial West Oakland. I designed this commission mural with in the theme of the New Oakland Bay Bridge, style & feel & motion! ( I was determined to visually work with & dissolve the otherwise large bay garage doors from the focus of this prier cold stern building.)
• Better Pictures Soon!

  • Art Basel Miami - Ancient Aliens Themed Crew Production 2013~
I painted "Horus" Egyptian Deities of War, Sky & Protection bookending one side of this giant wall! - (16 Artist deep participated in this beast of a production of just a few days.)
Below Letter piece - Snek from San Pablo, Brazil.

  • Griffin One piece- Estria Battle 2013 / Estria Foundation Oakland California. - The Chosen word was "Dream" for this years battle here in Oakland Ca. 20 Artist - 4 hours time - limited colors = Go!

  • "Something from Nothing" Aerosol mural, West Oakland.
This mural was inspired by the "ReCycle Concept". Many Homeless & less fortunate use shopping carts all day long, passing by this popular cross road location from the neighbor hoods surrounding it, on the way to the recycling center. Being their means of survival, transporting our consumer trash aka recyclables and scrap metals for the next meal or fix. I felt this location needed an uplifting fun yet conceptual mural on the subject. - - West Oakland Mural /Dirty 30's Industrial Neighborhoods.
Photo by: Wendy Holm.

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8/10/2014 - OutSide Lands Festival 2014

Happy to be particpating in painting live at this years Outside Lands Festival 2014 along side friend and Wizard Ricky Watts!
I will annonce more dates and details soon! - GoldenGate Park - San Fransico, Ca.
Griffin One & Ricky Watts collab Live Art painting at Outside Lands Festival 2014.