"Creative Freedom" POW! WOW! SanJose by Sean Griffin


Griffin One's mural at Pow! Wow! San Jose....
I created a concept that I hope elicits the senses of vision, sound, and touch, by combining a violin, a backbone (vertebrae or spine), a golden quill tip, steel, some armor, and other elements.  It represents a dynamic blend of traits and elements that are necessary to achieve  “Creative Freedom”. Matter, like music, is made up of different interpreted resonating frequencies & vibrations. The Instrument I created in this mural, explores that concept: the violin represents not only sound, but also the natural element of wood. It provides a cue for the imagination - hinting at a sexy, yet ethereal soundscape for the piece.

Bay area muralist Griffin One's Mural Located is behind Empire 7 Studios /Gallery! Big Thanks to San Jose , POW! WOW! worldwide & POW! WOW! San Jose, for the invite and all the Volunteers & Sponsors to make this happen...

Editorial illustration for April & May issue 2017 by Sean Griffin

Hyped to have my illustration work in print & online in April & May's 2017 issue of Dope Magazine! 💦💦💦 Source CBD is doing a lot of good for people young & old in the CBD field & happy to have been asked, to license some art to help them spread the word! 💧www.sourcecbdhemp.com

New Mural in West Oakland! by Sean Griffin

"West Coast Blues" Oakland themed Mural!
Bay Area Muralist Paying homage to the Blues & Jazz scene of West Oakland! 1930-1960 West Oakland was a pioneering hub in the scene, right alongside New Orleans! " I wanted to create a neighborhood piece that showcases a historical Oakland chord & show its inspiration into modern day arts & music!"