Welcome to the Official Website of Griffin One.

Griffin One is a visual artist based out of Oakland, California, whose work spans a variety of mediums, styles & surfaces. Please take a moment to explore the Artwork galleries on the left hand side!

If you are interested in commissioning a mural, canvas, custom illustration & or Custom Illustarted logo services, please send an Inquiry through the Contact link. ~ Serious Inquiries Only Please ~

Stay tuned for some big projects are in the works kicking off in 2014!

Current Projects!

  • "Keep It Fresh" Mammoth Mural by Griffin One
West Oakland 2014 - This Wall Needed a Fresh Coat of Paint! -

  • Talon Glass - Custom Hand Lettering by Griffin One.
This was designed for a Hoodie & T-shirt Artist Series. -

  • "Labyrinth in Dub" EP- 
Kraddy VS Heavyweight Dub Champion.
~Kraddy"s "Into the Labyrinth" Remixed in true DUB fashion by Heavyweight Dub Champion, bringing us this Heavy Release! Now available on itunes! - ~ "Labyrinth in Dub" EP, Cover Album Art by: Griffin One.
Now available on itunes!

  • Super Hero Raccoon Style by Griffin One - West Oakland 2013 - Photo by Eric Lampe

  • Logo Design for Big Rhino Children's Community , a orphanage that helps many children from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Help youth find there voice & gives them a chance through art, sports,  education & role models. - Im very honored to help work this organization, I truly was inspired upon my visit to the city of Nairobi earlier this year, to hear & see all the great things that this small but determined organization is doing! BRCC

  • "The Flagstaff Portal" / Birch Ave. Tattoo - Located 111 W Birch Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 - 2013 painted by Griffin One. - Wall est. 80 ft x 20 ft. Honored to have had the opportunity to create & paint this commission mural for such a Highly Respected Shop & for the City of Flagstaff! Thx to Soup - Lead Tattoo Artist & Shop Owner & the city of Flagstaff for helping make this happen! 
Check Out~

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