Juxtapoz Magazine -POW! WOW! San Jose by Sean Griffin

Written by Kristin Farr  & Photo By Jasper Wong

Written by Kristin Farr  & Photo By Jasper Wong

Featured in Juxtapoz Magazine this month, POW! WOW! San Jose!

If you find yourself in San Jose, don’t miss the new work by artists who hustled hard in a mad heatwave to make these walls come alive. The lineup included Jet Martinez, Jeff Meadows, TRAV MSK, Lacey Bryant, Aaron de la Cruz, Casey Gray, Adele Renault, Robbie Api, Roan Victor, Amine Rastagr, Ricky Watts, Ben Henderson, Lauren Napolitano, Mesngr, Sean Boyles, Griffin One, Ken Davis, Girafa, Jeff Gress, and Kristin Farr. Good Times!

"Creative Freedom" POW! WOW! SanJose by Sean Griffin


Griffin One's mural at Pow! Wow! San Jose....
I created a concept that I hope elicits the senses of vision, sound, and touch, by combining a violin, a backbone (vertebrae or spine), a golden quill tip, steel, some armor, and other elements.  It represents a dynamic blend of traits and elements that are necessary to achieve  “Creative Freedom”. Matter, like music, is made up of different interpreted resonating frequencies & vibrations. The Instrument I created in this mural, explores that concept: the violin represents not only sound, but also the natural element of wood. It provides a cue for the imagination - hinting at a sexy, yet ethereal soundscape for the piece.

Bay area muralist Griffin One's Mural Located is behind Empire 7 Studios /Gallery! Big Thanks to San Jose , POW! WOW! worldwide & POW! WOW! San Jose, for the invite and all the Volunteers & Sponsors to make this happen...

Editorial illustration for April & May issue 2017 by Sean Griffin

Hyped to have my illustration work in print & online in April & May's 2017 issue of Dope Magazine! 💦💦💦 Source CBD is doing a lot of good for people young & old in the CBD field & happy to have been asked, to license some art to help them spread the word! 💧www.sourcecbdhemp.com